Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snow Day! makes for a 3 day weekend

Upon getting to work today, a bit late, I had a wonderful email in my inbox.  The entire way in to work I kept saying that they would have to cancel work tomorrow because there was just to much snow.  Well the email said just that, that plants would close due to weather after first shift today and that they will be closed tomorrow.  And that we can use our own judgement in deciding to go home early today.  That was sent out about an hour ago and my guess is that in the next hour there won't be many people left here.

Reason for being late this morning was that I was finally able to get up and function early enough, 5:30 to get up to snowbowl and skin up the mountain for a run down.  I'm not sure how long it normally takes people to get up but I was well behind everyone else and wsa getting passed by people I didn't know on the way up.  Oh well with more practice hopefully that will change.

The way down was fun but it's the deepest snow I've ever skied in and I have got a lot of learning to do.  The deepest I probably ever was in before was probably a foot this was probably 2+ feet and when my skis sank in I came to a dead halt.  Hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll have figured out how to float a bit better.

Well that's it for now as there's skiing and snow play to be had.

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