Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tempe Towne Lake is Empty

Well in "local" news Tempe Town Lake is now empty as one of four rubber dams tore and caused the lake to drain.  You read right, a rubber dam.  There are hopes that a new dam structure will be in place and the lake refilled by early November so as to not impact the lakes biggest event, the Ironman.  I hope they have it fixed in time as it would be terrible to train the whole summer and then not have a lake to swim in.  I wonder if the race directors ever took into consideration that the lake just might not be there from one year to the next.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Heidi and a bit on the Schultz Fire

Well it's been awhile since I posted but I've been busy.
I made it back to Maryland for Eagleman and while the race didn't go very well the rest of the weekend was great.  I did learn from the race what I need to focus on for the summer, long bike rides and runs.  Since getting back I've been pretty motivated and have managed to get in some longer rides of 75, and 85 miles.  This weekend I'm headed to Santa Fe where I hope to get in another 80-90 mile ride as I am planning to do my first century ride with 5,709 feet of climbing in 2 weeks.

Then there was the Schultz Fire here in town which was just depressing as they closed a lot of the wilderness area and trails.  The last time I checked it had burned over 15,000 acres and now they are worried about flooding during the monsoons.  Some very beautiful trails, waterline, are probably gone for a long time maybe even forever which is just really sad.  Below is a video that shows a bit of what the fire looked like from parts around town.

Then after/during the fire I decided it was time to get a permanent trail running buddy.  There was a huge adoptiong day called Pets in the Pines held by Second Chance where they had tons of animals up for adoption. I got to the event about 20 mintues early as I wanted the best puppy there, by the time the event started I had found the perfect one, Heidi.  She's a shepherd mix and is now about 3 months old, they estimate she'll be a medium dog of about 40-60 pounds when she's done growing.  While she won't be running with me for awhile she already enjoys trail walks and riding on the side of the big dummy.  All in all she's a great puppy and I'm glad I finally decided to adopt one.