Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blue Skies and Gorgeous Sunsets

This past weekend turned out to be pretty amazing.  Saturday was my first day of backcountry skiing since college and it was great to be able to do it again and with much better gear.  Then I followed is up Sunday with my first road ride of the year.

Saturday: We were fortunate enough to get a lift ride up to the top of snowbowl which saved us probably 1.5 -2 hours of skinning up the ski slopes.  From the top of the lift it was about an hour of hiking in ski boots with skis strapped to out backs to reach the top of what would be our first run for the day.

Digging a snow pit and me skiing.

After the first run down we skinned back up to the top again where we took a lunch break on a pile of rocks.  I was very excited to sit down and enjoy the warm temperatures as I ate my almond butter, cheese, goldfish sandwich.

 Run 2 : Not me skiing but you get the idea.  The picture to the right shows the turns we took on run 2.

The last run of the day was through an aspen glade like the one shown here.  Tree skiing is one of my favorite types of skiing and it was challenging for me Saturday because by this point my legs were about done and weren't responding as well as I would have liked. 

After this it was a long ski back to the car, I spent a lot of time on the ski out telling myself to just get to the bottom and that it couldn't possibly be that much further.  At the end of the day I think we covered around 10 miles and I was exhausted.

Sunday:  The ride in Sedona was pretty uneventful but I realized that it was not as flat as I was hoping it would be.  It turns out that the first half of my ride there was a net loss in elevation so as I was tired and wanting to get back to the car I had a fair amount of climbing to do.  I'm excited to explore more of the roads down there this spring while I wait for Flagstaff to thaw out.  The best part of that trip was the sunset on the way out of town.  In general the sunsets out here are pretty amazing as since Sunday I've seen 2 more gorgeous sunsets.



  1. almond butter, cheese and goldfish sandwich

    At least you haven't lost your style, Claire

    Sick trip. Sedona looks super dope! Just think of the boundless awesome activities that you've done since you've been there, and how you wouldn't be able to do any of them here. Also you're probably going to get in pretty ridic shape. Keep it up!

  2. First, Ryan stole my thunder bc I was going to comment on the goldfish sandwich. Sounds tasty if you take out the almond butter and replace it with meat.

    Second, bahhhhhhhhh. Stop taking awesome pictures. It makes me jealous. Only partially jealous bc I know I'm not close to as outdoorsy as you are and if I were there it would be wasted on me.

    Third, take me to that beautiful sunset when I visit you this summer.