Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transrockies Run

Humphrey's Saddle
Views from Weatherford Trail

Well it's been awhile since I last posted.  Since the last post I've been doing a lot of running.  I've done some more Rim to River runs in the canyon.  Have been on a road trip to northern california and reno where I explored trails and vineyards (put in 70 miles of running while on vacation).  And have run up and down the San Fransisco Peaks here in Flagstaff multiple times.  With the most notable runs being the ones up to Humphrey's saddle from both directions.

  Option A is a steady 10 mile climb from Shultz tank (8000ft) to Humphreys saddle(11800ft) on the Weatherford trail, which has beautiful views but questionable footing.  Then you get to the saddle and run down the Humphreys trail and get back to Shultz tank via the Kachina Trail, about a 21 mile run.  The other way is to do it in reverse which gets the climb over first and cuts out a few miles.  So you start at 9300 ft and climb to 11,800 ft in 3.5 miles, but then you get to run downhill for 10 miles before hitting the rolling hills of Kachina and ending with around 18 or so miles.  I'm still not sure which way I prefer as they are both very challenging.

Flowers while on the run



Wildlife of interest seen would be a momma bear and her cub two weekends ago, luckily they were running away from us.

  The training is done and the packing is almost complete.  If you want to follow my team as we embark on this journey, the race is pretty good about updating results and putting up videos daily on the website.  I'll be running with Anna Kobb in the womens open division and our team name is Team Gore Running Wear Girls as our company is providing us with some clothes to wear for the race.  Some very Euro style running wear...  Our plan is to just take it one day at a time and enjoy the views.

Well here's to hoping I still like running after 6 days, 119.5 miles, and ~20,800 feet of elevation gain in the Colorado Rockies.