Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rainbow Rim Trail

This past weekend I did some camping on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon at a place just outside the park boundary on the Rainbow Rim Trail.  The trail has 5 view points where forest roads intersect the trails and you have amazing views.  Since this is in the national forest you are also able to camp right next to the edge of the rim if you like.

We arrived on Friday night at the Parissawampits view point, if I did it again I think I would camp at the Locust view point as that's the best one for camping right on the edge of the rim and right off the trail.  Where we were you had to walk a few minutes to get to a view point but since we had the dog with us this was fine by me as I didnt have to worry about her being so close to the edge of the rim.

Saturday morning I got up and got ready for my long run.  The plan was to run to the Locust view point and back which was around 16-17 miles round trip and would have me run from the first to the third viewpoint.  The trail was great for running but you did have to watch your step as there were lots of loose rocks for rolling ankles on which I only did a few times.  In between the view points you are in the forest so there is a decent amount of shade and you're also at 8000 feet so the temperature was perfect and didn't get too hot.

Within the first 10 minutes of running I came across some animal remains.  I spent the next mile wondering what animal it was and how its bones ended up on the trail.  Don't think I ever came to a conclusion but probably a cow.

Here is a picture from the second lookout.  The edge is just past my pack.


I can't remember if I took this at the second or third lookout.  I feel like it was the second lookout.

This picture is from the third lookout, I didn't get that close to the edge as at this point I was feeling a bit tired and really just stopped long enough to take a picture.

I picked up my puppy with about 5 miles to go as she ran behind Nathan until we met on the trail and then she joined me for the end of my run.  We were both pretty tired when we got here, the first lookout only a few minutes run from camp.  I didn't even notice the lookout on my start but it was a great view to end the run on.

One happy pup