Monday, November 2, 2009

From Fall to Winter and back, First Snow

Well it seems I last posted about the leaves changing color so imagine my surprise when I'm eating lunch in the cafeteria last Wed and there is snow falling from the sky, isn't it Fall? By the time I left work I was glad that I had a scrapper in my car as there was enough on the windshield that the wipers just weren't going to be able to cut it. Some good news is that people out here are a lot better about snow than those in maryland as in they are decent at driving in it. But more so they don't go to the store the night before to buy all the milk, bread, and tp they can get their hands on.

After work I headed to some trails where there was a bit more snow so I got to enjoy running through the trees on freshly fallen snow. Unfortunately no pics of this as I started late and by the end I was running with the use of a headlamp. It was a great run and very peaceful.

I've also included a pic of the pumpkin I carved Fri night. I'm not artsy at all but I think it works as a type of witch, medusa something or other.

After 3 days of being ~19 degrees in the morning the weekend was phenomenal. I woke up saturday and it was sunny and in the 50's. A perfect day for my last super long trail run before JFK and halloween.
Once I track down Halloween pics I'll be sure to put them up as it was a great night and there were some great costumes.

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