Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm not in Baltimore any more

I know I'm not in Baltimore because:
  • Instead of seeing rats while walking to the bars I saw 2 skunks and had to very quickly run away from the one that was coming at me as it raised it's tail (apparently skunks and foxes are normal to see in the downtown area)
  • The first night I walked out the door I was amazed by all the stars I could see
  • There are bike lanes all over town and it's actually easy to ride from one part of town to another
  • People obey traffic signs and speed limits
  • everyone is very active
  • it is common for people to not have tv, rather if they have them they are for dvd playing only
  • you can apparently get a permit to just live in the woods in the summer
  • people are very friendly, I'm not used to this yet
  • At ladies 80's everyone seemed to be dancing whether they were good or bad and people really made an effort to dress 80's (and this is apparently a weekly occurence) prob helps that the drinks are .25
  • There is no Natty Boh (nobody's heard of it) or Yuengling
People know I'm new to town
  • I prefer riding on the shoulder of 66 to taking the back roads or some dedicated bike lane, which I have yet to figure out how to use
  • I don't have a mountain bike
  • I'm already commenting on how cold it is here
  • I don't know the staple locations as I say and where is that and am usually given a it's close to and I then have to ask where that is
  • It's a small town and I'm a new face
  • Also when my car arrives it's not a Subaru and it does not have all wheel drive


  1. Correction: you're in a small town and you are a small person with a small face

  2. i thought the title of the blog was, "i'm not in baltimore anymore", which would have been awes.